How Do You Wrap a Saree In Different Styles?

The girls in the wedding season feel more difficulty while selecting dresses. There are so many options for girls to wear to the wedding and look stunning. The outfits from lehenga, palazzo, suits and sarees. There are so many stores for girls to go out and score lots of dresses  and look perfect and unique.  But this process is not very easy. It takes a lot to select a dress for a wedding.

going out and wasting your brain and time in going out to try dresses on different stores.  You can save your time and something very different that can help you to look pretty in a wedding. You can make your  own outfit. You can do some changes with your dress and can make it look very different. You can try saree in many different types or can get different looks and style yourself. Here are a few different styles you can get with saree : 

  1. Belth Style : You can drape your saree like you do it usually just you need to add a belt on it with your pallu at your waist. You can use a waist accessory also.  You can use different style blouses with it. 
  2. Dhoti Style : You can use a different style in saree. You can use leggings instead of a petticoat for better draping.  It may be tricky but it will look stunning. 
  3. Neck drape style : All you need to do is you have to drape the pallu around your neck like a scarf.  You need to keep the length of the pallu longer to Achieve  this style. You can use so many scarf styles. 
  4. Mumtaz style : You can drape your saree in retro vibes at  your friend’s wedding season. Like you can use the style by looking at the actress like Mumtaz and do many. 
  5. Mermaid style : In this type of styling your saree is spread out at the lower part of pleats, which can look like the tail of a mermaid. 
  6. Pant style : It is very easy and more comfortable, and it’s functional  and super cool. It may be the coolest style for next wedding season. 
  7. Butterfly style : This type of style will help you to look much slimmer.  You have to make some extra thin pleats of your pallu and pin it on your shoulder. 
  8. Lehenga style : You don’t need to buy a lehenga you can try your saree in lehenga style. You can do it by pleating the whole 6-9 yards. Some left for the pallu. 
  9. Front pallu style : Instead of carrying over a pallu to your left shoulder. you can carry it from back to right shoulder. It can somehow look similar to Gujarati style. 
  10. Pre stitched gown style : You can use a  blouse that is absolutely killer for the pre stitched gown style, you can do a lot of experiments with the blouse. It is easy to  drape.

These are a few ideas you can try in this coming wedding season.